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Pulverized Black Coal Dust

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Pulverized Black Coal Dust - Introduction

A modern source of energy for boiler and process combustion plants
A fine-grained, highly refined fuel with a highly active surface, featuring outstanding inflammability, reactivity and first-class behavior during combustion. Pulverized black coal dust excels with its outstanding ability to flow and fluidize, which ensures comfortable use similar to liquid or gaseous fuels. 
Pulverized black coal dust is a modern energy source for boiler and process combustion plants.  Its indisputable advantage is your energy costs savings with a minimum investment. The manufacturing technology is fully automated. The coal is transported by belt conveyors to the pre-milling station and the treated fraction subsequently undergoes milling and drying. The milling process capacity is set to 40t/h.

  • The annual production capacity of the plant is 180,000 tons
  • High quality and continuous quality control
  • Guarantee of supply schedule
  • Individual customer care with turn-key supplies
  • Dispatch to railway wagons or cistern trucks