Given its long tradition on the market and the economic results it has achieved, METALIMEX a. s. ranks among the most prominent business companies in the Central European region.

It focuses on trading in the following areas:

  • Non-ferrous metals,
  • Aluminium sheets, strips, foil and aluminium and paper-based packaging,
  • Solid fuels, in particular, Coking Coal, Steam coal, Sized Hard Coal, Brown Coal, Lignite, Anthracite and Coke,
  • Pulverized coal dust,
  • Copper and brass semi-products,
  • Copper, brass, aluminium and steel scrap,
  • Steel products,
  • Iron ore,
  • Other commodities.

The parent company of METALIMEX a. s. company is MTX Group a.s. , which is the sole shareholder, owning 100 % of the capital stock.

The group also includes companies - AL INVEST Břidličná, a.s., Coal Mill a.s., Měď Povrly a.s., OKK Koksovny, a.s. Amex Coal Sp. z o.o. and METALIMEX Deutschland  GmbH - whose production is a significant part of the product and service portfolio of METALIMEX a. s.

The company is a holder of the quality control system certificate awarded under the European standard EN ISO 9001:2008 by TÜV NORD CERT GmbH.

It repeatedly finds itself among the most prominent companies in the Czech Republic in the "100 Top Companies in the Czech Republic" competition.

On multiple occasions, the company has been given the prestigious rating "AAA" of the ČEKIA Stability Award and is among the most stable companies in the Czech Republic.


14. 07. 2016

Establishment of the company METALIMEX Deutschland GmbH

On 12 July 2016 the business partners METALIMEX a. s. and KSK Handels GmbH established a new company METALIMEX Deutschland GmbH with its registered office in Duisburg, Germany. METALIMEX Deutschland…

09. 12. 2014

Establishment of the company Amex Coal Sp. z o.o.

The company METALIMEX and the US Group AMCI, which is a major global player in the mining and commodity trade, have established on 27th August 2014 a joint venture "Amex Coal Sp. z o.o." with its…