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Energy Commodities

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Energy Commodities - Introduction

Our significant business activities include energy commodities trading, providing of inputs & outputs for our daughter company Coal Mill a.s. and rendering services related to the rail transport of commodities. We have our own production unit – OKK Koksovny, a.s. which produces a complete range of coke for foundry, metallurgical production, special metallurgy and heating.

  • Turnkey supplies of raw materials
  • Long-term experience in rail transport

Within the scope of our business, we also provide the following:

  • Fixed prices for particular supplies, quarterly supplies, yearly supplies
  • We do  business in all worldwide currencies
  • The customer defines the payment currency
  • The customer does not bear the exchange rate risks
  • We offer various alternatives of payment terms (L/C, due date, payment schedules...)

We organize supplies to/from CIS countries through our agency in Moscow (Russia).

We deliver energy commodities to the following segments:  power engineering, building engineering, the food industry and the paper industry.